The Belmont Stakes are still 10 days away, but Westchester got an early taste of some high-stakes horse racing Monday... on a busy interstate. The video of a gleaming stallion, galloping triumphantly o'er some honest American blacktop on Memorial Day, is part terrifying and part sublime.

In the videos the horse can be seen running (cantering?) down I-684 outside of Katonah, over the median, and into oncoming traffic before finally making it to the far shoulder and out of harm's way. According to a report from Lohud, the runaway horse had escaped from an equestrian event at Westchester County's John Jay Homestead and managed to find the open road, where it somehow avoided being struck by traffic headed North.

Drivers that encountered the horse quickly notified 911, and thankfully a group of seasoned trainers were able to rescue it from the shoulder of the road. Amazingly no accidents took place and the animal suffered no major injuries. California Chrome may be favorited for the Triple Crown, but this pony is first in our hearts. Cue the Stones.