A New Jersey man was arrested and charged after he was caught on security camera video purposefully faking a slip & fall on a job site.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office announced that Alexander Goldinsky, 57, who works as an independent contractor operating under the company name All Gold Industries, was subcontracted to work at a company in Woodbridge, NJ and allegedly orchestrated the scam in its cafeteria.

As you can see from the video below, he filled a cup with ice, then nonchalantly tossed it on the ground. He throws the cup away, takes a moment to collect himself, adjusts his bag...and then gently allows himself to fall backwards onto the ground (while clutching the kitchen counter). You won't see flopping this good in the NBA!

Officials said Goldinsky then waited on the ground until he was discovered by someone else. He allegedly filed a false insurance claim for the ambulance service and treatment he received for injuries he allegedly sustained in the "fall." He has now been charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception.

Actor Michael McKean—who knows a thing or two about small-time scams thanks to his time on Better Call Saul acting alongside the king of small time scams, Slippin' Jimmy—offered concern for Goldinsky on Twitter. Fellow actor Alec Baldwin also offered him a deserved spot in the next Mission: Impossible movie.