Driving a truck around making deliveries can get pretty tedious, so it helps to make a game out of it to pass the time. As the Financial Post recently put it, "building games into your business is... an innovative way to improve your business and better connect with customers." This happy FedEx employee obviously gets it. Why load boxes into the truck in neatly organized stacks when you can wing them like oh so many shoes at some asshole president's head?

Our favorite part comes around the 35 second mark, when a man not wearing a FedEx uniform tries to help. He's already tossed one box underhanded, but apparently that's not FedEx policy, and the worker schools him on the proper overhand toss method. THUMBS UP. "See, it's all in the wrist," you can almost hear her saying. Her helper responds by picking up a random brown box and winging up it into the ceiling of the truck. OH WELL, it probably wasn't a lucky family heirloom sent by an ailing grandmother to her brave son stationed overseas in Afghanistan.

The individual who uploaded the video says it was taken on East 44th Street around 6:15 on July 24th. We asked FedEx's media relations department if the employee was following proper truck loading procedures, and if the overhand toss is more popular than underhand. We'll update if we hear back after they print out our email and fold it carefully into a paper airplane.

UPDATE: A FedEx spokesperson says, "We are very disappointed to see this. FedEx sets high standards of behavior and performance for our team members and this behavior falls far short of what is expected. We pick up and deliver millions of packages in a professional manner each year, and the actions in this video do not reflect our professional expectations. We have already contacted the management personnel responsible for this employee and the appropriate corrective action will be taken."

By the way, if you've never caught a good ol' county fair hay bale toss, it's like you're not even living: