The City Council may have approved NYU's massive NYU 2031 expansion plan, but the fight isn't quite over yet. Not at all. Today tenants from 350 of the 1,296 units in the Washington Square Village complex filed suit against the school.

What has the neighbors pissed off in particular is that NYU two new buildings between the existing WSV towers, one on Mercer and one on LaGuardia, which would reduce and destroy existing (and quite pretty) parks. In addition, residents say NYU would change the character of the essentially private park by opening what remains of it to the public.

"[The] planned redevelopment in 'NYU Plan 2031' will irrevocably eliminate the private park grounds on the WSV apartment complex itself," the suit argues. "[Any] redevelopment of the private park would result in the elimination of a 'required service' to the remaining rent-stabilized tenants at WSV."

By the time 2031 rolls around, NYU may finally be through with all the community opposition to their plan, eh?