In case you haven't been following, or have completely lost interest in following, the crazy non-developments at Washington Square Park, there's been a new one, kind of. But first a refresher course of the suggested renovations from the past: Move and raise the fountain! Raise the fences! Demolish the mounds!

OK, back to the present. When last we heard from Community Board 2 they had confused us all by finally rejecting the renovation plans for the park only to take it back the next week. Since then things have only gotten more out of control, with resolutions and improper resolutions and refutations of said resolutions flying at every meeting. Basically they still may or may not raise the fences and move the fountain. Will they or won't they? Probably not, but folks seem to be having a good time arguing over it. Seriously, we keep following the story in the Villager and each week it seems to be more and more out of "Brazil." Our favorite quote this week comes from chairperson Maria Passannante Derr in reference to a November 7th committee resolution: "It's not a proper resolution. There are pejorative statements there. There's inflammatory language. This is a document that's given to elected officials, and I'm not going to give it to them written like this."

Not to use the word in the pejorative, but this is just getting retarded. We say just put the whole project on hold for now and come back to it in a few years with a clear head. And for goodness sakes, don't move the fountain.