We could spend most of the day watching pooches frolic around the Washington Square Park dog run. Watching them get intestinal illnesses? Not as much fun. Yesterday a reader informed us that most of the dog run was under water from the rain as well as runoff from the adjacent restrooms.

Backed up drain from restroom filling the run, mosquitos everywhere, hookworm and giardia epidemics. This is crazy, where are our dogs supposed to go and why doesn't the city care about this diseased cesspool in the middle of Washington Square Park?

We can't confirm whether any dogs have become ill due to the water, but the puddle indeed looks pretty foul. The Department of Parks & Recreation, who created the dog runs "with the expertise of a Parks Department landscape architect," state on their website that the dog runs "encourage play while supplying good drainage, safe lighting, and healthy plantings," which may all be true except for the "drainage" part. We're still awaiting comment from the Parks Department.