2006_11_midcrash2.jpgSome more details about yesterday's SUV crash onto a busy Midtown Street and into a store window:

- Five people were injured, including the driver and the owner of the store. One woman's legs were broken when the Lexus SUV barreled into her and carried her through the store window. A couple visiting from Oregon was also injured; Kum Ja Choi and Seon Hwan Kim had moved to the U.S. from South Korea last year, and their son told the Daily News, "It was my mother's dream to go to the city." One witness saw a man without shoes on and told the Post, "There were no shoes and I just saw feet with shoes. I never seen anybody knocked out of their shoes, literally.

- The police are investigating whether driver Rashin Mostafizur, an accountant for the MTA, was talking on his cell phone (apparently one witness reported that). A man treated in the same hospital room as Mostafizur overheard the police questioning him and said, "It seemed like he kept changing his story. The cops were saying, 'Come on, make up your mind.'"

- A friend of Mostafizur said "He had the green light but a guy tried to cross the street to beat the light. He turned the wheel to avoid him and went up on the side walk. He lost control. He tried to break but he couldn't."

No charges were filed against Mostafizur, but it sounds like the investigation is continuing. The injured are expect to recover.