Last year, the MTA outlawed walking between train cars, and police beileve a 49 year old woman died doing just that. Glady Julien's family, on the other hand, cannot imagine she would ever do that, since she was a cautious, careful person - and they believe she would only move between cars if she was in danger. The Daily News outlines what happened on April 8:

At 11:23 a.m., the train's emergency brakes were triggered near the 18th St. station in Manhattan. The crew found Julien under the train. Her purse was snagged on an end-car door, a police spokesman said. The train severed one of Julien's arms. Injuries led doctors to amputate another.

She survived for weeks but never emerged from a coma and died on May 17.

The family is looking for witnesses who might have seen what happened on the southbound 2 train. (Police think Julien was trying to get to an train car closer to her destination station's exit.)

We still see people pass between cars - they are usually trying to sell something - but mostly people will rush out the train car at the next stop and change train cars that way, especially when the train is non-air-conditioned.