After rumors that the Transit Workers Union would "slow it down"—it being subway and bus service—yesterday during its "Day of Outrage," the jury is out on whether or not service was truly affected. One reader described, "The worst B/Q train service I can remember. Waited 20 minutes this morning, and the train was too packed to fit on. When another one finally arrived, it went half speed the entire way into Manhattan," yet another who must have slipped into a Bizarro dimension said, "My service this morning was actually noticably better than it usually is (on the F)"?

NYC Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges told the NY Times, "It was a run-of-the-mill rush hour...It’s the usual things that can happen." The Times cataloged the subway issues: "A sick passenger caused the E train to be rerouted along the Avenue of the Americas track for 15 minutes. No. 7 trains were suspended for 10 minutes. Emergency brakes engaged on two L trains." But for conspiracy theorists, they may ask this—who engaged the emergency brakes?!

The TWU, which denied that it told members to slow down yesterday, was protesting the MTA's refusal to pay arbitrator-ruled 11% wage increases over three years. The union held protests and TWU Local 100 acting president Curtis Tate told NY1, "To the MTA, to the powers that be, understand this. Do not under estimate us. This is day of outrage number one and there will be 101 if necessary."