Oh the Internet, always catching politicians with their mouths open. In the latest example of the dangers of the interwebs, the Times today digs into a website purportedly written by potential Republican senate candidate Marc Cenedella. Maybe potential representatives of the Empire State don't want to be on the record as being in support of making March 14 a Steak and Blow Jobs holiday?

The offending blog posts—which also included headlines like "Sexy vs. Skanky," "Dating Advice for Girly Girls," "He Stole My Weed" and "High Quality Dope"—were living on a website affiliated with his company, TheLadders. After the Times was pointed in their direction, however, they promptly went *poof* and the company tried to explain the mistake:

[Cenedella's] company released a statement Friday afternoon saying: “The site you are inquiring about (blog.theladders.com/rock) was not Marc’s actual blog, Cenedella.com. The site you saw was a maintenance staging site set up at blog.theladders.com/rock.” The statement also said that the “staging site contained testing content from a wide variety of sources, including spam from automatic spiders. We have since eliminated the potential for anyone to view the maintenance site.”

So maybe the potential Republican nominee didn't write in a post about the biblical justifications for a man to have more than one wife, "I wasn’t so sure about all this Bible stuff, but I’m starting to cotton to it?" Because the Santorum-set of the Republican party might not like that at all.

Cenedella is one of the front-runners to challenge Kristen Gillibrand for her Senate seat in the next election—partially because it appears the businessman and political neophyte is reportedly willing to pay for half the cost of the election.