Okay, this is crazy. Did somebody light a match under the official thermometer in Central Park this morning? The National Weather Service is reporting on their hourly observation page that today's high was 72 degrees! That probably happened around 11 a.m. when the hourly observation was 64 degrees. Did anybody notice a very brief heat wave? If that holds true it's a new record for the day.

No matter what today's high actually turns out to be, the fantasy world of unseasonably mild temperatures is about to sputter to a rainy end. The daily temperature has been running more than twelve degrees warmer for the last six days. A cold front allegedly passed through town this morning and it is just a matter of time before the cold air arrives. The front is expected to stall just south of the city and that means we'll see periods of rain, and maybe some sleet tonight, through Wednesday. Tomorrow's high will only be in the mid 40s, with Wednesday a couple degrees cooler. That's still warmer than normal for mid-January.

The sun returns on Thursday and there might be a slight rebound in temperature. A cold front later that day means that Friday may be the first cooler than normal day in more than two weeks with a high only in the mid 30s. Early indications are that the cooler weather may stick around for a while.

Update 2:03 p.m.: The National Weather service says that the Central Park sensor was having problems. Technicians were sent and everything should be fine now.