On Christmas, three masked marauders absconded with $897,000 worth of jewels from Ultra Diamonds on 23rd Street. The thieves climbed to the roof of the building after breaking into a nail salon, and crossed to the rooftop entrance of the building that holds Ultra Diamonds within the Burlington Coat Factory, which happened to be unlocked.

Once inside the store the thieves smashed the glass cases, nabbed the jewels and fled. One Burlington Coat Factory employee said, "These guys were good. They were f---ing good. This had to be planned well in advance." Though they broke numerous security cameras, they seemed to have missed one. Here's footage of them looting the store:

The robbers are still at large, and police are looking into whether the break in was orchestrated by an ex-employee or a disgruntled current one. The Post would also like to remind everyone that this robbery is exactly like "Oceans Eleven." Except there were only three people, they robbed a jewelry store instead of a casino, and George Clooney has a killer alibi.