2007_09_wtcabove.jpgOne could consider it a given that September 11th was not funny. One website, however, seems to make fun of the day that changed New York so much. 911wasfunny.com has jokes that aren't funny, disturbing images, and is pretty thoughtless through and through. It even has an animated image of an airplane flying into the website's logo. While it may not be too early to remove the reading of the names from the airwaves, it's certainly too early for a website that thinks 9/11 was funny. In fact, we're not sure there's ever a time when 9/11 will be funny.

The operator of the site, who says his name is Henry, introduces his site thusly:

Hi. I'm Henry, but you can call me Hank. I think 9-11 was funny. I really like that little kids lost their mommies and daddies. Now they are orphans and the news will remind them every September that their moms and dads are dead. Let's be friends! Email me at hate@911wasfunny.com. Maybe we can go out for hot dogs... somewhere in New York.

This website is for jokes, macros, and funny images and videos of 9-11. September 11th was the bestest day of my life!

At the bottom of his site, he also adds, "September 11th was funny. If this offends you, you need to lighten up. Those people deserved what they got, mostly because people from NY are pompous jerks."

While New York has its fare share of "pompous jerks" (really, what place doesn't), we're sure that nobody deserves anything like 9/11...except maybe the owner of 911wasfunny.com. The Daily News noted that the site encourages you to leave comments and send them hate mail. The website already has its fair share of hateful comments from people that have visited.

June photo of Ground Zero from 55 stories up by dorkasaurus_rex on flickr