The 78-year-old ex-con who's been arrested some 37 times over the past three decades is in trouble again, this time for missing her final court date two weeks ago. You may recall that Katherine Kelly was famously busted in October 2008, after a pickpocket sting at the Upper West Side Fairway turned up a wallet in her bra. (An NYPD source called her a "pickpocket terrorist.") Earlier this month, Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel signed an arrest warrant for Kelly, despite being informed she was stuck in a car outside court.

Kelly's lawyer Rick Pasacreta tells the Post, "She came to court, but three court officers were afraid they'd hurt her if they lifted her out of the car. She had soiled herself. She couldn't move her legs. I said, 'Judge! She's here!' But the judge said if she's not in the courtroom, he's issuing a warrant."

But when the Post inquired about the warrant, a courts spokesman got all snippy: "I'm legitimately confused. When judges are perceived to be less than tough on crime, the Post criticizes them. Here, a judge is being tough on a persistent misdemeanant, and the Post is criticizing him, too." Seriously, what does a judge have to do these days to make the Post happy?