Nevermind that pesky 9/11 anniversary warning—the real danger in coming weeks is headed from space. One of NASA’s old satellites that’s been hanging out in space for the past six years is about to come crashing back into Earth, and they don’t know exactly when or where, but you should probably start digging that hole now.


NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS, is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere in late September or early October 2011, almost six years after the end of a productive scientific life. Although the spacecraft will break into pieces during re-entry, not all of it will burn up in the atmosphere.

It is too early to say exactly when UARS will re-enter and what geographic area may be affected, but NASA is watching the satellite closely and will keep you informed… It is impossible to pinpoint just where in that zone the debris will land, but NASA estimates the debris footprint will be about 500 miles long.,,If you find something you think may be a piece of UARS, do not touch it. Contact a local law enforcement official for assistance.

Got that? Although NASA swears that the danger to humankind is minimal, just last week a new report warned that the space junk problem is getting out of control, and has put together this helpful list of the worst space debris events of all time. The more you know! Here’s a clip of what could happen when UARS does touch down: