Casa by the SeaTim Weiner of the Times investigates behavior modification school for teens. One mentioned is Casa by the Sea, an alternative school for teens with brochures glossy enough to entice parents to send their children there. A little about Casa from another website, TeenPaths.Org:

Behavior modification: High standards exist. Inappropriate behavior is confronted, consequences are assessed, and the behavior is redirected. Appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded. A merit system is used requiring rewarded. A merit system is used requiring each teen to earn their status and privileges through a standard program using a level system.

Parents are split between feeling good and feeling guilty on this decision. It seems that if you're a teenager and you start listening to darker music and do drugs, you could be a candidate for your parents to call up an escort service to handcuff and bring you down to Casa.

Sounds very cult-like to Gothamist, with levels and everything. But then again, there are levels at our work, so what do we know?