weather channel low temp anomaliesIf it weren't for this morning's lingering fog, we'd be warming up to near sixty degrees this afternoon. Instead temperatures will probably only reach the mid-50s. Still, that's at least ten degrees above normal. Another weak cold front moves through town this evening. The front's passage will clear out the skies and bring in slightly cooler air tomorrow.

That particular burst of "cool" air, it will still reach the low-50s on Saturday, won't last long. Temperatures will be back to the upper-50s for Sunday and Monday. Then, we may see temperature return to more normal values. The big storm that has been hitting the west coast may be large enough to push the atmosphere into a different circulation pattern.

We did some calculations this morning and this year's average temperature in Central Park is going to be very close to 56.6 degrees. That will make this year the sixth warmest since records began in 1869. Unless it gets really, really warm we won't be able to overtake 1949 in fifth place, but a cold spell during the last week of the month could drop us below 1999 and 2002. Preliminary reports indicate that this year is also shaping up to be the third warmest on record for the United States and the sixth warmest globally.

Warmer than normal low temperatures this morning across the whole country from