Break out the party hats and noisemakers!  With an average of 40.9 degrees last month was the warmest February in Central Park since records began in 1870.  The coldest February, which coincidentally was the last time a coldest month was set, happened in 1934 during Franklin Roosevelt's first term as president.  February 1934 averaged 21 degrees colder than last month, which kind of boggles our little mind.  The past three months were also the second warmest climatological winter on record, trailing only 2001-02. 

Have you been concerned that this warm winter foretells a blazing hot summer?  Worry no more!  As you can see in the scatter diagram above there's only a slight correlation between winter temperatures and the heat of the summer that follows.  Oh, it may well get hotter than Hades come this July, but what happened this winter is not much of a predictor.

The clouds should thin a bit when the wind shifts from easterly to southeasterly this afternoon. That will let the temperature climb to a near normal 44 degrees. Spring-like weather will make a brief appearance tonight and tomorrow. Showers are likely and a thunderstorm is possible late tonight through tomorrow morning. Look for Saturday's high to reach the mid to upper 50s. Sunday won't be nearly as warm but the sun should be out in full force.