A brisk end to the week today as the leading edge of a high pressure system moves into the region. It will be mostly sunny, well, maybe a few harmless cumulus clouds this afternoon as we get some good mixing going on, windy, and cool with a high only in the mid 50s. As the winds die down tonight the temperature is going to plummet. All sorts of freeze and frost advisories are posted for interior regions north and west of the city. It is still a bit early for frost in town but it may get down to the lower 40s.

Tomorrow's a different story. The high will move eastward, the wind will shift direction, and that should warm us to 65 or so under mostly sunny skies. That's warmer than normal for this time of year.

Through today October is running slightly cooler than normal. Were that to continue it would end the streak of warmer than normal months at seven. But it is not going to continue! A warm front will move through the city late Saturday, bringing with it several days of much warmer than average weather (and a bit of rain). From Sunday through at least Wednesday we can expect highs hovering around 70 degrees and a slight chance of light rain.