Hey, you know what happened late on Saturday? Around 11 p.m. the temperature fell to 32 degrees in Central Park. That was the first time the mercury had dipped to the freezing mark since March 29th! For the first two years (yes, we know you shouldn't draw conclusions based on two years of data) of the 2010s the date of first freeze is two weeks later than it was in the 1990s and nearly a month later than in the cold decade of the 1970s.

Yesterday was the first cooler than normal day in three weeks. That appears to be an anomaly as slightly warmer than normal weather returns today under mostly sunny skies. A high pressure system sitting almost directly above the city will bring clear skies today, tomorrow and for at least part of Wednesday. Temperatures each day will be in the mid 40s during the day and falling to the mid 30s at night. That's a couple of degrees warmer than normal.

The most significant weather of the week looks like it will happen on Thursday when a low pressure system over the Great Lakes is expected to drag a warm front and cold front over the city in quick succession. That means a return to the lower 50s on Thursday, but with a good chance of rain. Next weekend should again be clear and cool, but not below freezing.