Yesterday's low of 46 degrees was the coolest it has been in Central Park in more than five months, a sign that we are inexorably, if bumpily, heading toward colder weather. One of the bumps is happening right now. Thanks to high pressure sliding off shore we will be warmed by a southerly breeze for the first half of the week. For today that translates to mostly sunny skies and a high in the upper 60s, which is perfect for watching giant crane migrations.

Warmer weather, mid 70s, is expected tomorrow, but the skies will be mostly cloudy with at least a slight chance of showers, especially later in the day. Rain is more likely during the overnight passage from Tuesday to Wednesday as the moisture levels build and isentropic lift, which is a thing that happens when a warm air mass rides up over the top of a cooler air mass, occurs. In the city rain is expected to end shortly after sunrise and we could see the sun by Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday's high should again reach the low 70s.

Cooler, drier conditions should prevail on Thursday, but it looks like we will get another frontal passage, and another round of rain, sometime on Friday. Afternoon highs toward the end of the week are expected to be in the mid 60s.