Thanks to a ridge of high pressure centered along the East Coast the city is going to have a pleasantly warm weekend. With a dew point in the teens, today is going to be a total sunshine day with a high in the lower 60s or maybe even slightly higher. The Weather Service is calling for a low of 50. It wouldn't surprise us if that was too warm by several degrees.

Tomorrow's weather will be a virtual repeat of today's. Look again for abundant sun and a high in the lower 60s. A barely perceptible back door cold front on Saturday night will usher in a wind shift, a few clouds, and slightly cooler air on Sunday. Sunday's high should reach the upper 50s, which is still warmer than normal for mid-November.

This weekend is very likely going to be the last warm weekend of the year. After a few mid-week showers, next weekend is expected to be a good 10-15 degrees cooler than now. AccuWeather is already hyperventilating about bitterly cold air arriving by Thanksgiving. We shall see.