Yesterday was sixteen degrees warmer than normal, pushing November's average temperature to 52.0 degrees. That makes this the fifth warmest November on record. Today will again be warmer than normal, but not the ten degrees needed to displace 1975 as the fourth warmest November. The high and low temperatures for today will both be races. This afternoon's breezy high depends on how fast the sun can warm us up vs. how quickly cold air arrives as high pressure moves into the region. The high will be in the low or mid 50s. Without a sun to battle the temperature is going to plunge after sunset and we'll have a race against the clock to see how far the temperature drops below this morning's low of 46 degrees by midnight.

High pressure will keep us plenty dry tomorrow and Friday. Highs both days will be in the lower 50s with the lows probably dipping into the mid 30s. Not enough for our first below freezing day and still a couple of degrees warmer than normal for early December.

A cold front Friday night won't bring any precipitation but it looks like Saturday will be the first cooler than normal day in two weeks. Look for a high on Saturday in the mid 40s under sunny skies. Clear skies continue on Sunday and it should be a bit warmer. Some sort of rain or snow storm may be in the offing early next week!