A bit of heat today and tomorrow, showers late Tuesday and early Wednesday, and very pleasant weather to welcome the summer solstice on Thursday are this week's weather highlights. Today and tomorrow's weather is being brought to us by a weak high pressure system. High pressure systems aren't usually associated with exciting weather so Gothamist has to dig into the subtleties.

This particular system has a lot of moisture near the ground but is dry above. As the ground heats up this morning the humid air below will rise and mix with overlying sinking dry air. The mixing will lower the dew points near the ground, making the humidity a bit more comfortable. Dry air heats quickly. Around lunch time the temperature will seem like it's making a break toward 90.

Ha! That quick heating over the land also means a sea breeze will get started, cooling us off as air flows inland from the cool ocean. The rapid temperature rise should be shut down by early afternoon along south facing shores, and a couple hours later away from the water. Highs will range from the lower- to mid-80s depending on how far you are from the shore.

There won't be a sea breeze tomorrow, so temperatures peaking near 90 are likely. Tomorrow night will feature a slow moving cold front. Showers are likely late at night and through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday should be sunny with highs in the low 80s.

Feeding at the Central Park Zoo by on Flickr because Gothamist likes the penguins.