The ghost of Super Typhoon Nuri lives on! As we mentioned last week, the remains of Super Typhoon Nuri managed to push warm air way up into Alaska, places like Kotzbue and Nome on the Chukchi Sea and Barrow at the northern tip have been 10-30 degrees warmer than average recently. If warm air has made it that far north, then it must be pushing cold air southward somewhere. The cold weather of the past few days was but an amuse-bouche before the icy entree is served tonight.

To cleanse our palate before the cold air arrives we've got a warm and rainy Monday on hand as a low pressure system moves northward from Tennessee. A half-inch of rain has already fallen and we can expect at least that much more by the time the rain ends this evening. The temperature is expected to briefly reach the mid 50s in the city this afternoon and perhaps the upper 50s on eastern Long Island.

The cold front brings the main meal early this evening. Look for a strong northwesterly wind to develop overnight as the temperature drops to the low 30s. Low 30s is where the temperature will stay during the day on Tuesday but northwest winds at 20-25 mph will make it feel much cooler. The low temperature Wednesday morning will be in the lower 20s with wind chills in the teens. Wednesday's high might reach the freezing mark, but starting Thursday we will see a warming trend that could bring us back to the mid 60s early next week.