This morning's creepy foggives way to another sunny and warm afternoon thanks to a high pressure system that is edging ever further out to sea. Today's high should easily reach the mid 60s. That, however, will be the end of the warm weather.

A low pressure system over Hudson Bay has a cold front dangling off of it that stretches down to the Gulf of Mexico. The front is expected to pass through the city early tomorrow morning. Light rain should start falling around midnight and last until early Tuesday afternoon. The air mass behind the front is considerably cooler than what we've got right now. Look for mostly steady temperatures near 50 degrees during the daylight hours tomorrow.

The cooler air is going to stick around for the rest of the week as the center of high pressure stays well to our west. Mostly clear skies should prevail through the end of the weekend. Daily highs will slowly climb from the mid 40s on Wednesday to near 50 by Saturday. Lows will follow the same pattern starting in the mid 30s Thursday morning and warming to the low 40s by Sunday.