Jeez, Friday's forecast was off by a mile. Or several miles. The storm everyone thought would move way out to sea passed close enough to bring us a cloudy Saturday and a cold Sunday. Yesterday was the first time since February 10th that the high temperature failed to reach the freezing mark. While the city shouldn't drop below freezing for the rest of this week we will have several days of vigorous weather activity.

Today's weather makers are a low pressure system zipping along over southern Canada and a high pressure system to our south. As the center of those two systems get closer they will have a pretty good pressure gradient and we'll see a brisk southwesterly wind this afternoon. That will warm the city to the mid 40s under mostly sunny skies. The cold front associated with that low will pass through the city late tonight, bringing with it the chance of light rain or flurries. The sun will return tomorrow for another day in the mid 40s.

A warm front on Tuesday night will probably make Wednesday warm and wet. Look for rain and a high in the mid 50s. Yet another cold front should put an end to the rain either late Wednesday or early Thursday. By midweek the surface weather will be somewhat disconnected to the upper level winds, which is our fancy way of saying there isn't any cold air behind that cold front. Instead winter solstice Thursday is looking to be sunny and warm with a high in the lower 50s. While the weather on Friday and Saturday should remain fairly calm, a slight possibility for snow is developing for Christmas Day.