Another gloomy day today. A bit of fog this morning may delay flights out of town. You may also have weather-caused delays if you're going to northern New England (ice and snow), Chicago-Detroit-Milwaukee (rain) and the front range of the Rockies from Denver northward (snow). If you're staying in town you can expect cloudy skies and mild temperatures with a high in the mid-50s. It won't cool off much tonight, making for a comfortable evening to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons being inflated.

The cold front that's kicking up the rain and snow out west should hold off until late tomorrow. Thanksgiving morning will be unseasonably warm. Sixty degrees is not out of the question. The rain ahead of the approaching cold front should hold off until Thursday afternoon. The day will start with southerly winds of 8-13 miles an hour. Is that strong enough to affect the big balloons?

The warm weather won't last long. The front should arrive Thursday evening. When it does the temperature is going to plummet. Friday will be a good twenty degrees colder than tomorrow and the cold air should last through the weekend.

Map of the 36-hour national outlook from NOAA