A teen mugger has been arrested and charged with stealing a fancy gold bracelet off the wrist of a 4-year-old. And oh, by the way, this was the THIRD toddler robbery that has occurred in the city this summer.

Little Robert Rendon was walking home with 14-year-old sister Jayleen at about 12:45 p.m. on August 3rd when they realized they were being followed. The two were able to get into the stairway of their apartment on East 182nd Street in Belmont, but the robber barged in. “He tried to grab me—and then, he like, he tried to force me with him,” Jayleen told the Post. Jayleen screamed and ran upstairs, leaving her little brother.

Jayleen and her grandmother came down and found Robert safe, but crying. A little while later, they noticed the bracelet was missing. “My mom bought it for him for his first birthday,” Jayleen said. “It had his name engraved on it.” Police have since arrested 18-year-old Abubakarr Payinkay, and charged him with robbery, burglary, grand larceny and other charges. But little Robert is traumatized by the whole experience: “He’s just scared about it. He doesn't like doing anything anymore,” Jayleen noted.

Previously, 30-year-old Michael Andrews was arrested for stealing a $300 bracelet off a 2-year-old's wrist in Bed-Stuy; and a mugger stole a $400 gold chain right off the neck of a 3-year-old who was sitting in his stroller in Bed-Stuy in a separate incident. Also, between these incidents and muggers beating up 9-year-olds for petty cash, society is crumbling.