You may have noticed that those fierce-looking looseleaf sheets of paper emblazoned with "CAUTION Rodenticide" have failed to stem the tide of furry, adorable disease bags that currently rule the subway. The MTA noticed too, and began experimenting with the idea that if they removed the trash cans from subway stations, the rats would disappear along with their food supply. Last week the MTA removed all trash cans from 10 subway stations to further test their theory, but is this just one step from taking away our precious food?

The MTA's release notes that the stations were "chosen to represent average-sized stations both elevated and underground." Will people actually carry their trash outside instead of throwing it on the tracks or leaving it on the platform? That depends on your view of humanity. It's also worth noting that D.C.'s Metro is largely rat free due to its strictly enforced ban on food and drinks. So all we'd have to do is just cede the last crumb of joy we possess on the subway and submit to the quiet indignity of being treated like children. Simple, right?

Here's a list of all the can-less stations.

Bronx: 238th Street 1 station // East 143rd Street 6 station

Manhattan: 57th Street F station // Rector Street 1 station // 8th Street M/R station

Brooklyn: 7th Avenue FG station // Brighton Beach Q station

Queens: 111th Street A station // 65th Street MR station // Flushing-Main Street 7 station

And watch this video—the payoff is at the 1:10 mark: