Once, New York City was almost engulfed in horse poop. Now, poop comes for New Yorkers again, this time from above.

The amount of pigeon poop that has been falling on commuters of the 7 train in Woodside and Sunnyside has reached such a level that Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has launched a "war on poop."

“In all seriousness, we have a war on pigeon poop,” said Van Bramer in a press conference yesterday. The elevated 7 line along Queens boulevard provides for a pretty great hangout for pigeons, and the sidewalk below functions as an avian outhouse. Van Bramer himself reports that he's been hit by pigeon poop twice while campaigning below the tracks.

To combat these pigeons, Bramer has used $250,000 from his discretionary fund to install coverings, low-voltage spikes, and even sonic deterrents to keep the bids away. “So, at least twice a day, Sunnysiders and Woodsiders are forced to dodge pigeon poop as if they’re dancing through rain drops,” Van Bramer said.

The pigeon-deterrents will be installed in the 46th, 52nd, and 61st street stops.

And when Councilman Van Bramer wins (or loses, in a horrible hail of feces) this war on poop, we'll dedicate a plaque to his bravery (which, in turn, will probably be covered in poop).