Hundreds of metal tacks placed on the Queensboro Bridge bike path gave several cyclists flat tires during their commutes this morning. Joshua Weitzner, who was biking to work in Manhattan noticed two cyclists with flats at the top of the bridge. "As I neared the bottom, there were two other cyclists standing there, one with a flat, screaming "TACKS TACKS TACKS!" Weitzner says. "The bulk of [the tacks] were right before the hairpin turn at the end of the bridge, which is a particularly dangerous place to get a flat."

Weitzner, who has been a bicycle messenger for 13 years, says he and around 10 other cyclists stopped to pick up the tacks, and as he did so another cyclist arrived with three tacks in their front tire. "I'm fairly positive this was a malicious act from the hands of idiot kids or a pissed off jogger."

Back in July, a slew of tacks were dumped in Central Park in what appeared to be an effort to deter cyclists from riding in the park. Spreading tacks on the ground, much like salting the earth or peeing all over someone's bathroom, is a dick move best reserved for mustachioed cartoon villains, not productive members of society.

We've contacted the DOT, which is perpetually doing work on the bridge, to see if the tacks are construction-related. Of course, as miserable as a flat tire is, we'd take it over a flying brick to the head.