In an attempt to be a bit more politically correct about the holiday season, officials have removed a nativity scene from the St. George Ferry Terminal, leaving the more pagan-friendly Christmas tree to hold its own against Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and celebrations of the solstice. One commuter told CBS 2, "Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, everybody should be able to celebrate." And the Catholic League isn't too happy, especially because they can't counter the "attack" with a billboard.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said this is a "tremendous affront," but the DOT says it was removed because the staff who had placed the scene had not received permission to do so. A few Staten Island Advance commenters had opinions on the situation as well. One argued, "Christianity is no longer the majority of the population, so the best policy for a public space is no religious artifacts or displays of any kind." Another countered, "If it is a free country...why is everyone afraid of the Christ child?" Because everyone paints him as a baby with a man face? That's scary.

Bronx State Sen. Jeff Klein wants to remind anyone thinking taking their holiday anger out on a place of worship that stealing or vandalizing their property is a Class "E" felony. But places of worship might want to take a more active role in protecting their stuff. BrickHouse Security is offering free GPS devices for religious institutions to affix inside things like nativity statues or menorahs so they can track where they've been taken. And it's been working for New Jersey's St. Ambrose Church! Alan Czyewski said, "This is our third year, and we love this. People are now well aware of our GPS Jesus, so they leave it alone." Seriously, don't fuck with the Jesus.