2008_04_susp.jpgA strange event unfolded at WABC 7's studios on Columbus Avenue near Lincoln Center. A man wanted for attempting to kill his girlfriend in Virginia decided to turn himself in to WABC 7. Terry Lavern Leathers called the assignment desk, saying he was "wanted for a crime I did not commit."

Leathers, 59, apparently hitchhiked to NYC because he was worried authorities in Virginia would "take a shot and kill me. My life was on the line." When he appeared in the TV station's lobby, WABC 7 contacted the police and Leathers was taken into custody "detectives in Portsmouth [Virginia] confirmed that a warrant had been issued for his arrest." He is in NYPD custody pending extradition to Virginia.

Leathers has been wanted since last week, when Portsmouth police accused him of shooting his girlfriend in the neck outside a relative's house (the girlfriend had allegedly broken up with him earlier in the day). But to WABC 7, Leathers emphasized that he was innocent and added, "I came to New York to get justice."