2005_05_ferrer[oc.jpgSo, while Democratic mayoral hopeful Fernando Ferrer is criticizing the Mayor for letting token booths close and L trains lose conductors (though, as Newsday points out, the Mayor doesn't control the MTA), the big Ferrer news seems to be a tape of Ferrer pollster Jeffrey Pollack banging his head on a table during a NY1 roundtable segment for The Road to City Hall. See the clip here, which is kind of hilarious because it doesn't seem like it's a joke, it seems like a desperate cry, to bang your head on your arm with at least twenty people in studio and thousands of New Yorkers watching. As Gothamist learned during one painful freshman year incident, headbanging should be left to those regulars in the moshpit. [Via the Politicker]

The NY Times looks at the current frontrunning Democratic candidate, C. Virginia Fields, and how now that she's a frontrunner, she's also a target.