2007_10_nycdaylarge.jpgOne of the city's biggest industries is the tourism, and the city announced a major push to keep the tourists coming in. Mayor Bloomberg and other officials kicked off the " first-ever global multimedia communications campaign to promote New York City." An advertising campaign titled "This is New York City" will features outdoor posters, internet advertising and a TV spot. Plus, the NYCVisit website features ways for visitors to plan their trip.

Bloomberg said, "Everyone who has visited the City already knows about our unparalleled diversity, excitement, culture, shopping and entertainment - but we want the rest of the world to know that our doors are open and there is something here for everyone to enjoy. With 'This is New York City,' our visually stunning and innovative marketing campaign...we will continue to build upon our successes and help us reach our goal of attracting 50 million tourists to the City by 2015."

The city will spend $30 million over one year to compete with other U.S. cities for tourism bucks (for instance, Las Vegas spends $127 million in advertising annually). Last year, NYC had 43.8 million visitors, which, according to the city, supported more than 350,000 jobs and had an annual economic impact of nearly $25 billion.

The TV spot is very charming and beautiful (see it here) and the posters are mostly pretty fun (see them after the jump). In the main poster, "This Is Just Another Day," which shows the vibrancy of the city, there are tons of references to city events (Mermaid Parade), buildings (Lipstick Building is lipstick) and life (messenger carrying a bike) . Also, we love the chicken playing the guitar! We noticed the "This is Entertainment" poster offers only one sports team - the Yankees (BURN!) - while "This is Food" has shout-outs to Le Cirque as well as Mud.

Posters, from left to right: "This is Just Another Day," "This is Entertainment," "This is Food," and "This is Fashion."

2007_10_nycdaymini.jpg2007_10_nycentmini.jpg 2007_10_nycfoodmini.jpg 2007_10_nycfashmini.jpg