Mayor de Blasio and his family have finally settled into their West Elm-sponsored home on the Upper East Side, which has left the family's three-story, three-bedroom Park Slope home vacant for the last couple months. But as Milton Berle once said, if opportunity doesn't know, build a door. And de Blasio has built a proverbial door by putting the home on the rental market.

For $4,975 a month, you can live like a mayor with a mayor as your landlord. The three-story, three-bedroom townhouse on 11th Street includes a small backyard garden. It also only has one bathroom, located on the third floor, which is just how political junkies like it, apparently. Tricia Webster of Brooklyn Properties, which is listing the property starting today, told CBS, "you’re getting a lot for what they’re paying."

It's an understatement to say you're getting so much more for your money here.

You get to walk in the footsteps of memories like these: "Campaign film showed Mayor de Blasio getting dressed right in the master bedroom of the house, and his son Dante combing his hair."

For the chance to both scavenge for Dante's discarded hair follicles and the opportunity to call de Blasio and complain about the toilet, we'd say this listing is priceless.