As if football tickets didn't cost enough, both the Jets and the Giants are requiring that fans get pre-paid parking passes to park at the New Meadowlands stadium. So anyone looking for tickets online is going to pay a second small fortune for parking. The Daily News reports some single game parking passes are running up to $110 on Craigslist and eBay, and parking to match a 10-game season pass is up to $650. And don't think the passes are just for people looking to go to a game or two; some fans with season tickets are trudging online trying to find parking too.

One Giants fan spent $40,000 on season tickets, but had to spend $86 extra for a pair of passes for one game, which usually go for $25 each. He said, "You can't imagine how ticked off I was about this. I never thought I wasn't going to get parking. It never even occurred to me." The passes were sold earlier this year to season ticket holders for $250 for 10 games. But non-personal seat license holders received one parking pass per five seats. There are 1,600 parking spots available for the 82,500 fans the stadium can hold.