On Wednesday, August 21, the Democratic candidates for mayor will meet for NYC Campaign Finance Board's Official Democratic Mayoral Debate. The debate will be held at Town Hall and the public can get tickets by submitting requests here.

There are 1,000 tickets available. You can even submit questions and topics for the debate here. Update: The event is over-booked now, so thanks for your interest!

Gothamist and our partners, NY1 News, NY1 Noticias, WNYC, Citizens Committee for New York City, Citizens Union, Hispanic Federation, and Transportation Alternatives, are sponsoring this official Democratic mayoral debate well as the official Democratic Comptroller Debate (August 12) and official Democratic Public Advocate debate (August 15). You will be able to watch/listen to the debates in different ways: Via TV on NY1/NY1 Noticias; via radio on WNYC; and via online on Gothamist. You can also attend a CFB watch party! We'll also be liveblogging!