According to a new survey, only two percent of Americans said they were comfortable sharing details of their sex lives online. But that hasn't stopped anyone from using the internet to get some, even if they have a pesky spouse. Ashley Madison, the dating site that arranges adulterous affairs, revealed various statistics about its clientele, including which neighborhoods were up to the naughtiest behavior, and what "holidays" attract the most new users.

The top five ZIP codes for users of Ashley Madison were: 10001 Chelsea (4,886 accounts), 10021 Upper East Side (2,208), 10022 Midtown East (2,178), 10019 Hell’s Kitchen (2,055), and 10016 Gramercy Park-Murray Hill (1,953). Even so, Queens by far led total users by borough with 61,246; Manhattan was next with 35,093, Brooklyn with 16,017, Staten Island with 15,838 and the Bronx with 3,760. The majority of men on the site (81 percent) are married, but nearly half the women (43 percent) are single. “The quest for romantic love is so riveting for women. A solidly married man could be more attractive than a skittish single guy,” gender-studies professor Susan Shapiro Barash.

But the weirdest bit of trivia? The day after Mother’s Day is the top time for restless people to sign up for the site, followed by the day after Father’s Day. We don't want to even try to unpack that one. The stats don't provide any insights into the reasons for the affairs, or the fallout from them, but hey, that's what we have science for!