Yesterday Apple briefly eclipsed Exxon as the biggest company (by market cap) in all the land. So how can a proud Apple stockholder celebrate? Why not with a new iPad case made from Ponzi-master Bernie Madoff's auctioned off clothes? What's $250-$500 for a piece of history that won't actually protect your pricey tablet?

Fredrick James' Madoff Collection of iPad cases are all sourced from authentic Bernie gear bought at auction ("Certificate of authenticty [sic] available upon request.") and will hold your iPad securely, if not necessarily safely. "They are strictly for fashion purposes," James' owner John Vaccaro told the Post. "If you drop it, it's going to crack."

Which doesn't mean they aren't the best $250-$500 iPad covers ever, right? Each one is hand stitched from authentic Bernie gear (the ones made from his sweaters sold out "almost instantly") and some of them, made from pants from his country club, even include ID labels with the schemer's name on them. Though don't worry about any of Madoff rubbing off on you. "Most of it must have been sitting in his closet just back from the dry cleaner," Vaccaro says. And just to be sure everything was given another cleaning before being chopped up and sewn up.