has been desperately trying to enter the New York City market for years, and has been on a new tear to gain community support (hey, they did hire Bloomberg's old campaign manager for their efforts!). The mega-corporation has just sent out a new flyer explaining why, if you are a New Yorker who wants his/her rights, you should support Walmart in the Big Apple!

The Observer got a hold of the mailing, which asks if you prefer "Thousands of new jobs for NYC, lower prices, and the right for consumers to decide where they shop?" or "Fewer jobs, higher prices, and your rights being taken away?" Of course, opponents are already pointing out issues with the flyer; Walmart Free NYC spokesman Eric Koch said, "Urban markets are Walmart’s last hope for growth- and NYC is one of their prime targets. Unfortunately, instead of playing by the rules—answering questions, taking part in public hearings, and participating in the zoning process— Walmart is trying to buy its way in with a massive ad campaign." For instance, Target beat Walmart on prices recently.