Since at least 2005, Walmart has been trying to scrape and claw their way into NYC market via a series of not-so-charming offensives—but the company faced a big setback in that plan yesterday, as a deal to open their first store in Brooklyn fell apart completely. “Walmart today announced that we were unable to agree upon economic terms for a project in East New York,” spokesman Steven Restivo said. “We remain committed to bringing new economic development and shopping options to New York City, especially in the neighborhoods that need them most.”

Not everyone was torn up about Walmart not being part of the Gateway II project in East New York: “Walmart’s withdrawal from Gateway II shows that when New Yorkers join arms, even the world’s richest retailer is no match for them,” said Stephanie Yazgi, a spokeswoman for Walmart Free NYC. Instead of Walmart, a ShopRite supermarket will anchor the 630,000-square-foot development. Local unions were relieved: “UFCW Local 1500 is thrilled that...a deal was reached today to bring to the citizens of East Brooklyn three things they so desperately need: good food, good jobs and good health “said Patrick Purcell, spokesperson for UFCW Local 1500.

Just don't get any ideas that Walmart is giving up anytime soon. They said in a statement: “Two things remain constant: most New Yorkers want us here, and we remain interested in providing more convenient access to Walmart for local residents.” Because whether it takes a stealth campaign or an advertising campaign or a bribery campaign, eventually Walmart will make sure you get the $54 Furby whether you like it or not.