2007_11_willets.jpgEarlier this year, Mayor Bloomberg announced a major plan to transform Willets Point, the area, also known as the Iron Triangle, across from Shea Stadium, into a thriving area of new housing, business and hotels. However, some are pretty unhappy with the plans, which include replacing 250 businesses, and they've channeled their hopes - and a fair amount of money - to City Council member Melinda Katz.

The Post reports Katz received $29,500 from "people tied to four companies fighting the redevelopment." Katz, who chairs the City Council's Land Use Committee, is critical whether or not the plan moves ahead; Katz's spokeswoman said most of the money was raised during a June fund-raiser.

Dan Scully, who works with recycling company Tully Environmental, told the Post, "This is one way to have our voices heard. The city is...trying to hand the blight label on Willets Point when they are the ones who cause the conditions that exist here." Yes, the city has threatened to take over land through eminent domain by claiming the area is blighted, something residents in the zone of other big development projects are very familiar with.

Another way Scully is trying to have his and others' voices heard is the Willets Point Industry and Realty Association, which is "dedicated to Owner Development of the Willets Point area." WPIRA has a 16-minute video (above) that explains how the city has created the "blighted" conditions.

Photograph from WPIRA