Aside from lawmaker protest over the government's $700 billion bailout plan, there were a number of protests across the country over the bailout. Labor unions organized a protest on Wall Street yesterday. AFL-CIO president John Sweeney said, "The Bush administration wants us to pay the freight for a Wall Street bailout that does not even begin to address the roots of our crisis. We want our tax dollars used to provide a hand up for the millions of working people who live on Main Street and not a handout to a privileged band of overpaid executives."

United Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten said, "We know that he economic situations has to be solved. But we want a a responsible rescue, not an opportunistic bailout." And Reverend Jesse Jackson said afterward, "The homeowners need long-term, low interest rates and the restructuring of loans, not the repossession of homes."

dietrich has a great Flickr set of protest photographs; a few are above. EV Grieve also has photos and some video, including this one (warning, protesters are cursing out fat cats!):