120108crash.jpgIt seems that many men who lost their shirts in the Wall Street tailspin have also lost their ability to satisfy women. According to the Post, sales of vibrators have surged, and more ladies are bemoaning their lovers' lack of lust. A Brooklyn lawyer whose boyfriend lost his $100,000-a-year Lehman Brothers job tells the tabloid, "He's just not in the mood. He's really depressed. He really loved his job, and now it's gone." Another girlfriend of a "hedge fund honcho" says she's only had sex once "since the economy went soft," tee hee. Dr. Ruth Westheimer chimes in too, noting that "a man's sexual apparatus is very delicate. If something is wrong, it is very difficult for men to get or maintain an erection." These frustrated ladies obviously need to seek satisfaction beyond the financial industry: online media, for instance, is still rock solid!