How are you holding up? Waiting in line an hour to get on a bus? Groping through the darkness to heat up a pot of water? Surveying the charred remains of your life as it existed on October 29th? If you need cheering up, look no further than these tales of how Wall Street executives weathered the storm. "I had to go to the wine cellar and find a good bottle of wine and drink it before it goes bad," the founder of Kilimanjaro Advisors LLC told Bloomberg News, adding that he chose a 2005 Chateau Margaux from is cellar in Darien, CT, which retails for $1,000. "Outstanding," he added, which is exactly what the Jackals of Hades say when they feast on a body of the damned floating atop the River Styx.

Or here's something AIG's general counsel, Thomas Russo, actually said to a reporter about the view of Central Park from his home office on the Upper East Side: “Central Park looks the same as it always does at this time of year, an array of colors giving pleasure to the eye and peace to the mind." (Maybe he moonlights writing copy for Brookstone?) Then again, perhaps Russo has seen enough disaster for a lifetime: he used to work for Lehman Brothers.

This isn't to say that bankers didn't suffer hardships: one Goldman Sachs trading executive had to eat DELIVERY sushi (gross!), while another had his South Street Seaport home "ruined" by Sandy's flooding. “I now know what people feel like when you see them on TV and see their whole worlds just wiped away…“Think Katrina, but now it’s us."