A survey done by eFinancialCareers.com of 1,074 Wall Street workers said that 83% of people expected some sort of bonus, 36% expected a bigger bonus, and 11% expected that bonus to have increased by half from last year. This of course comes after a year of credit collapse and soaring unemployment, which many say was fanned by ridiculous pay packages.

Even with many companies adopting new bonus policies, and White House pay czar Kenneth Feinberg's looming decision about curbing salaries, Bloomberg News reports "banks including Citigroup Inc., Morgan Stanley and UBS AG increased salaries for some employees this year as they adjusted bonus policies." One example is Goldman Sachs, who this year still set aside $11.4 billion in total compensation, averaging to $386,429 per employee. Thankfully, with these larger bonuses, many execs can finally afford those unicorn-hair suits they've been coveting for so long (see also: "See My Vest").