The estranged wife of an investment bank CEO is claiming that her husband had many mistresses—and gave them expensive gifts (like homes!)—in a lawsuit. Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Chairman John Duffy is described by the Post as "an aging Wall Street fat cat who could put even the most lusty young lothario to shame," because his wife's lawsuit is allegedly very "salacious."

Kathy Duffy filed for divorce in 2009 and turned down a $20 million divorce settlement. Her lawyer could not comment about the suit, but says Mrs. Duffy is "devastated." However, a Post source claims the charges are in "Tiger Woods territory" and that three women have been subpoenaed:

One of Duffy's alleged trysts involves the tattooed, blond lead singer of a rock band, a source said.
The singer allegedly netted a $73,000 car, a Rolex watch and other gifts from Duffy totaling more than $770,000, the source said.
Duffy, nicknamed "Duff," has claimed that he had met the woman by chance in a Manhattan bar and decided to bankroll her music career.
His wife also claims that another woman received a $345,000 condo in Yonkers and a Connecticut spread worth more than $465,000, the source said. The homes were both bought within the past eight years.
The third woman received a home in tropical Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, a source said.
Duffy also bought her furnishings, paid for her educational expenses, a car and other gifts totaling more than $800,000, his wife claims.

John Duffy has denied affairs and says the various homes are investments.

The couple has been married for 35 years; their son Christopher died in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.