A retaining wall collapsed at a Washington Heights apartment complex early this morning, forcing nearly 100 residents to evacuate. It happened at about 4 a.m. this morning; there have been no reported injuries, but officials say the cause of the collapse has yet to be determined.

According to reports, a wall between two buildings, one at 67 Pinehurst Avenue, the other at 81 Cabrini Boulevard, crumbled early this morning, terrifying residents. "It was a lot of rumblings and shaking like it was an earthquake. The wall just came down," resident Earl Martin told the Post. 35 apartments—totaling about 90 residents—were evacuated, and though a number were permitted to return later in the morning, many are still unsure when they can return. "Now we’re without a home," one woman told CBS News. "We lost the apartment."

The FDNY says last night's heavy rains and wind may have contributed to the collapse, which went so far as to tear a fire escape off one of the buildings. For now, though, residents will have to contend with the damage. "There is a huge hole in my apartment," Martin said. "The bedroom has a huge hole in the wall like a wrecking ball smashed through it." The collapse is currently being investigated by the Department of Buildings.